Eternal Desert



Game Overview:

“Eternal Desert” is a third-person adventure game with platform and shooter elements. The game is set in ancient Egypt with numerous references to the myth of Horus and Seth. You will be living a surreal adventure under the sun of Egyptian desert and along the legendary Nile River.

Inspiration and Story:

The major inspirations for Eternal Desert are: Shadow of the Colossus, Journey, To the Moon and Future Boy Conan (Miyazaki).

“A long time ago after the death of Osirid Seth ruled Egypt bringing chaos and destruction but 5000 years ago one warrior sealed Seth in a mortal fight, this warrior was known as Horus the son of Osirid. The power of Seth was sealed in two: the red Ankh and a human body…”


Eternal Desert combines the precision of a first person shooter with the connection to the character you get from a third person game. You can twist and turn with the target always on your sight, the game was designed around mouse and keyboard controls. Your weapon the legendary “Eye of Ra” behaves as an independent living entity and this adventure is your most reliable friend!

Be ready to live a dramatic and cinematic adventure!

Game Environment:

game environments are inspired from the most incredible Places of Egypt (and Earth): Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and Giza Necropolis are only few of the monuments and temples that you will see.

Be ready to experience a Land full of magic and history!